Strategy and Consulting

Organizations are increasingly making high-level business decisions that require deep digital knowledge, relevant data and key technical insights to keep pace with a constantly changing landscape. Third Rock helps your business create the right vision.


e-Commerce has dramatically changed traditional shopping behavior. To serve customers, your company must enhance digital operations with a solid e-Commerce strategy. a strategy that promotes and invests in innovative ways to market your products. We know where, when and how to sell online. And generate recurring sales using the latest digital technologies.

Product & Business innovation

Ready to breathe new life into your business? We know how to make strategic choices and turn your ideas into reality. Find new revenue opportunities, optimize your existing channels and launch new products with our product and business innovation services.


Branding is the process of clarifying and refining the emotional meaning behind the business strategy and relationship with your customer. It’s about knowing who you are as a brand, what you stand for and why you do business. Building a strong brand is not easy. It’s a complex process that goes beyond creating a slick logo and catchy slogan. The Third Rock team has been building brands for 30 years.

Digital Marketing

Create meaningful, cohesive, engaging and sustainable content that appeals to the right audience at the right time. Being present at all your customer touchpoints is crucial for success and requires a tailored content strategy. Whether you want to generate leads or educate customers, the content must be relevant to get results.

Coaching & Mentoring

Whether you’re a startup or an experienced entrepreneur, you can run into a knowledge gap. eCommerce, digital branding and marketing is a rapidly evolving field. We help you with insights and guidance exactly matching the stage you are in as an entrepreneur. Choose a training, mentoring or coaching.

Web Design

Your business has a great website, but it contributes very little to its stated goals such as lead generation, cross-selling and reducing the workload for your brands and customer service. Third Rock builds websites that are secure, findable and easily contribute to your company’s goals.

Customer experience & Design CX – UX

Customer experience (CX) is the process of designing products or services by putting the customer or user experience (UX) first. Customer experience design is based on understanding customers’ needs and expectations to create a seamless and emotionally positive experience when they interact with your brand.

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